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Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help Scale (ATSPPH)

Location: Q3

AUTHOR(S): Fisher & Turner (1970)

Fisher & Turner (1970). Orientations to seeking professional help: Development and research utility of an attitude scale.
    Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 35(1), 79-90.

Surgenor, L. (1985). Attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 14,

VARIABLE(S) MEASURED: Attitudes toward seeking professional help for psychological disturbances.

PURPOSES: Designed as a psychometric instrument to measure the dimension of attitudes toward seeking professional help.

The original ATSPPH (Fisher & Turner) included 29 items (18 negatively stated and 11 positively stated items) which consisted of 4 dimensions: recognition of need for psychotherapeutic help (8 items), stigma tolerance (5 items), interpersonal openness (7 items), and confidence in mental health practitioner (9 items). Surgenor (1985) later added 5 statements which represented psychological counselling as a vehicle for promoting personal growth for the use of the scale in the context of New Zealand.

SUBJECTS: General population. The scale has been used in student populations and non-student New Zealand populations.


The responses were arranged in a 4-point Likert format: a high score (maximum=87) indicated a more positive attitude.

Internal consistency: Factor I (need), r=.67; Factor II (stigma), r=.70; Factor III (openness), r=.62; and Factor IV (confidence), r=.74. For whole scale, r=.83.

ATSPPH discriminated significantly on an empirical (“known-groups”) basis-- between those who have experienced prior contact and those who have not (for males, p<.001; for females, p<.0001).

COMMENTS: The measure is on file.

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