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Caregiving Hassles Scale

Location:  V27

AUTHORS:  Jennifer M Kinney and Mary Ann Parris Stephens

YEAR:  1989


VARIABLES MEASURED:  Stress conceptualized as hassles, or minor irritations, of daily living

PURPOSE:  To assess the daily hassles of caring for a family member with Alzheimerís Disease

The scale initially consisted of 110 items and included caregiversí appraisals of each item as uplifting or satisfying.  Because uplifts were not strongly related to caregiversí well-being they were excluded in the revised scale comprising only 42 items.  Caregivers indicate which events occurred during the past week, whether they were appraised as a hassle, and if so, to what extent.

There are five subscales: hassles associated with assistance in basic ADL (9 items), assistance in IADL (7 items), care-recipientís cognitive status (9 items), care-recipientís behavior (12 items), and caregiverís social network (5 items).

SUBJECTS: Primary caregivers to AD patients

ADMINISTRATION:  self-report

SCORING:   4-point scale, ranging from Not at all (a hassle) to A great deal (of a hassle)

Test-retest reliability of .83 for the full scale and ranging between .66 to .87 for the subscales.  Internal consistency of .91 for full scale.

Construct validity was assessed in two ways.  First, caregiversí reports of care-recipientís impairments were used, and second, by examining the relationship between hassles and measures of well-being.

COMMENTS:  Copy of scale is available as Chart 1 in the referenced article

Kinney J. M. and Stephens M. A. (1989). Caregiving Hassles Scale: Assessing the daily hassles of caring for a family member
    with dementia.  The Gerontologist, 29(3), p. 328 - 332

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