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Quality of Life Interview (QOLI)

Location: H3

AUTHOR: Anthony F. Lehman


PURPOSES: To measure the recent and current life circumstances of persons with severe mental illnesses.

The Quality of Life Interview is a 153-item scale which measures global life satisfaction and objective and subjective quality of life in eight life domains: living situation, daily activities and functioning, family relations, social relations, finances, work and school, legal and safety issues, and health.

The QOLI was developed for use with persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses, primarily in conununity-based settings.

ADMINISTRATION: Structured interview conducted by the trained interviewers.  It takes about 45 minutes to complete.

All of the life satisfaction scores are based on a seven-point.  Likert scale, ranging from delighted to terrible.  The objective indicators include Likert scales that rate, for example, frequency of social contacts.

1. Internal consistency:  .79 to .88 for the life satisfaction scales,
    .44 to .82 for the objective quality of life scales
2. Test-retest reliability: .41 to .95

1. Construct validity and predictive validity are established through confirmtory factor analysis.
2. Discriminative validity and convergent validity are assessed.  The QOLI differentiates between patients living in hospitals and
    supervised community residential programs.  Individual life satisfaction items clearly discriminate between persons with
    severe mental illness and the general population.  The convergent validity of the Lehman QOLI with the Heinrichs-Carpenter
    Quality of Life Scale is significant.

COMMENTS: The measure is not in file.


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