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Recent Life Changes Questionnaire (RLCQ)

Location: G1

AUTHOR(S): Rache, R.H. (1975).

Rache, R.H. (1975). Epidemiological studies of life change and illness. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine,
    6(1/2), 133-146.

Recent  life changes ( 0-6 months ago, 7-12 months ago, 13-18 months ago, & 19-24 months ago).

To determine the effects of subjects' recent life change on their subsequent illness report or symptoms of depression.

Two questionnaires have been utilized in the development of RLCQ: the Social Readjustment Rating Questionnaire (SRRQ) and Schedule of Recent Experience (SRE).
The 55 items of RLCQ consist of 5 dimensions: health, work, home and family, personal and social, & financial.

Persons with psychiatric mental illness.
The RLCQ has been used by Navy and Marine Corps personnel who were discharged from service because of psychiatric mental illness incurred while on active duty, and the persons age 65 and older living independently in the community.


There is a " Your Adjustment Score " question for each item which will be completed by respondents. The scores can be ranged from 1 to 100 "points". Lower score means less life adjustment for recent life changes. For example, if the respondent experienced a recent residential move but it required very little life adjustment, he would choose a low number. Otherwise, he would choose a high number.
The instructions for scoring are explained at the end of the questionnaire.

RELIABILITY: Test-retest reliability of SRE:
One week or so: 0.87--0.90
6 to 9 months: 0.55-0.70.

VALIDITY: Spouses separately agreed with their mate's scoring of his recent life changes with correlations ranging from 0.50 and 0.75 over one to two years prior to testing.

COMMENTS: The measure is on file.

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