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Psychological Screening Inventory (PSI) (1970)

Location: D14

AUTHOR: Lanyon, R. I.

Vieweg, B. W. & Hedlund, J. L. (1984). Psychological Screening Inventory: A comprehensive review. Journal of Clinical
    Psychology, 40(6), 1382-1393.

Alienation, Social Non-conformity, Discomfort, Expression, and Defensiveness.

The scale was developed for use in routine screening situations in social services or health settings, and to aid in detecting persons who might profitably receive more extensive examination.

The inventory consists of 130 true/false items which include 5 subscales: Alienation (AL)—a measure of the respondent’s similarity to hospitalized psychiatric patients (25 items); Social Non-conformity(SN)—a measure of the respondent’s similarity to incarcerated prisons (25 items); Discomfort(DI)—a measure of the personality dimension of anxiety or perceived maladjustment (30 items); Expression (EX)—a measure of the personality dimension of extraversion or undercontrol (30 items); and Defensiveness (DE)—a measure of the degree of defensiveness that characterizes the examinee’s responses (20 items). The majority of items refer to current status, with only a few related to the past.

The inventory has been used for college undergraduate students and young adolescents (ages 13—16), and “normal” test protocols .

The inventory is a relatively brief, easy to administer and score screening instrument. It was designed for use by a wide range of professional mental health workers. It may be administered in either individual or group settings.

Scoring is accomplished by applying “scoring keys” to the front and back of the questionnaire for each of the five scales.

1. Internal consistency: For undergraduates, it is from .51(DE) to .85(DI).
                                       For adolescents, it is from .39 (AL) to .70 (SN).

2. Test-retest reliability: (Undergraduates)
                                        Interval of 4 weeks: from .66(AL and DE) to .95(SN).
                                                    Interval of 10 days: from .73(AL) to .89(SN).

1. Construct validity: each of the PSI scales correlates moderately well and in the expected direction with other well-known scales for assessing similar (or related ) constrcts—MMPI, MPI (Maudsley Personality Inventory), EPI (Eysenck's PEN Inventory), and CPI (California Personality Inventory).
2. As a general screening device, the predictivity of the PSI is high--above .80.

COMMENTS: The measure is on file.

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